Working in a leadership position can feel overwhelming at first. You have to manage a team of employees and make sure everything’s running smoothly. But the first thing you need to think about when you lead a team is not what your employees should be doing, but what you should be doing to better lead your team. Here are four qualities of a strong leader:

1) Trustworthiness

In order to lead a successful team, you need to make sure the members of your team trust you. It is necessary that you earn your team’s trust by exemplifying integrity in your everyday actions. This way, you will set high standards for everyone in your company. Connect with your team and customers by always exuding a positive energy and expressing your enthusiasm for your company’s goals and purpose. When you establish a culture of trust, you create an environment where accountability and communication are highly valued. This will empower your employees to constantly improve in order to reach a common goal.

2) Compassion

Success doesn’t only come from your employees’ minds; it also comes from their hearts. Don’t just treat your team as you’d like to be treated. Make an effort to treat them the way they’d like the be treated. You can easily boost your team’s morale through small gestures like choosing to have face-to-face meetings or sending personal notes. You should make sure to praise your employees when they do a job well done so that they feel appreciated. Also make an effort to learn people’s individual’s goals and needs. This will help you lead them more effectively and contribute to their personal aspirations and professional development.

3) Decisiveness

Every company experiences times of uncertainty. In these moments, employees need someone to turn to with a clear and definitive perspective. You won’t always know all the answers, and you shouldn’t be expected to. This is exactly why you need to be open to listening to others and learning from them. When you’re faced with a challenge, work to understand the challenge and outline the possible solutions. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to be confident about making decisions. If you’ve already established trust and compassion in the workplace, you can share your vision with the team members and inspire them to join you on the exciting new path ahead.

4) Innovation

Any growing business is going to be constantly changing. If you’re in a leadership position, it is necessary that you are always prepared to adapt to these changes. You’ll need to be ready for new business landscapes, and you need to help your team adapt as well. If you’re leading a culture of innovation, you need to have the courage and willingness to move beyond your comfort zone and take risks. You and your team will make mistakes here and there, but it’s important that you learn from these mistakes and take any opportunities for improvement that come your way.

If want to be a successful leader, it’s imperative that you sharpen these four skills. No matter where you’re working or who you are leading, the best way to succeed in a leadership position is to remain dedicated to trustworthiness, compassion, decisiveness and innovation.