4 Great New Year’s Resolutions For Snowboarders
Every year, millions of Americans make essentially the same tired old New Year’s Resolutions. They want to lose weight, get in shape, get their finances in order, save money or reduce their stress levels. While those are all good things, the truth is, you will make far more progress setting goals around things you already love to do than just setting random goals that sound lofty. For instance, you are far more likely to save money if it is to achieve a goal like buying a new board or taking a trip than just for the sake of saving money. Of course, once you’ve built the discipline of saving money by setting it aside for something you really want, then you can keep right on going and save even more money once your initial goal has been achieved. Here are 4 more great New Year’s Resolutions for snowboarders.

1. Learn something new 

Whether it’s taking a class or practicing a new trick or skill until you’ve mastered it, learning and growth will have a direct positive impact on the rest of your life as well. The most successful people in the world are lifelong learners, so take a tip from them and resolve to learn something new this season.

2. Visit a new place 

Another great way to always be growing is to visit somewhere new. Humans are creatures of habit, but we can also get stuck in a rut. Chances are good you have a favorite place to ride, and that’s okay. But we can also get stagnant in our comfort zone. This season change things up and ride somewhere new. Even if just for a weekend.

3. Share your passion with a newbie 

Chances are good you know someone who has always wanted to learn to ride, but just never got around to it. Take an opportunity this season to invite them to go riding and even give them personal lessons. Not only will you help someone else learn a new skill, but you might also be surprised at just how much enjoyment you get out of passing on your hard-earned knowledge.

4. Tune up your gear 

You can’t perform your best when you are worn down and tired. The same is true of your gear. If you want to take your riding to the next level, make sure your gear is in tip-top shape for maximum performance.