Whenever I get the chance, I love to travel up to the mountain to take in the scenery and indulge in snowboarding and skiing. As you know, snowboarding is one of my favorite hobbies to partake in but there are often some hefty price-tags attached to it. If you are like me and love snowboarding but hate spending too much here are a few money saving tips that you can use while you are up on the mountain.

Tip #1: Book your tickets with lodging to get a cheaper price. When you book them together some places will give you a discount. You will need lodging anyway so why not save a little money that you can spend on something else.

Tip #2: Buying a season pass can save you money if you ski a lot. It will be cheaper than paying for a few one day passes or even a multi-pass.

Tip #3: Look early online for deals. Keep checking often before all the good deals sell out. Some sites online will have better prices if you book as early as possible.

Tip #4: Buy your apparel online so that you can shop around a get the best price. Buying apparel at a ski store can be very expensive and you will pay more than you have to.

Tip #5: Buy your tickets when there are no holidays coming up. Tickets cost more for times like spring break and you can save a lot of money booking on the off season.

Tip #6: Pack your own lunch and keep snacks in your pockets. It is much cheaper to buy your own and take it with you. This will give you a little boost while riding on the ski lift.

Tip #7: Book after spring break or Christmas when the holidays are over. There will be cheaper prices at that time that you can take advantage of.

Tip #8: Some resorts offer discounts to students or military so make sure to bring identification that shows you either of those two things.

Tip #9: Ski in the middle of the week when prices are lower. This could give you a good discount because people do not book as much through the week.

Tip #10: Sometimes it is cheaper to book at a small resort and you can take advantage of the smaller crowds and more intimate settings.

Tip #11: If you drive instead of fly you can save a lot of money. Get some friends together and share a road trip. When you divide the price of gas with your friends, it should be pretty cheap and you get to spend more time with them.