Snowboarding is a popular sport among young people that enjoy spending time outdoors. The outdoor activity involves riders descending snow-covered slopes with a board attached to their feet. For most riders, the exhilarating feeling that they get going down the slopes is why they enjoy the sport. Thankfully, several European resorts are open to snowboarders looking to have fun and connect with other enthusiasts. These resorts have slopes that are ideal for families, groups, and individuals that love snowboarding.

Many snowboarders consider Europe the best destination for enthusiasts looking to be challenged and have fun. Some of the top snowboard resorts in the continent are highlighted below.

Avoriaz, France

Snowboarders consider Avoriaz to be the capital of snowboarders in Europe. The resort is on the bucket list of destinations for snowboarding lovers across the world. Its diverse terrain is one of the reasons for its popularity and is a top choice for beginners and pros in the sport. Training of newcomers is available at Avoriaz for children as young as three years and older, which is perfect for parents looking to start their kids young. The presence of a snowboard school by John Baisamy, a high-level competition snowboarder, indicates that the resort is a top contender in the resort space.

St. Anton, Austria

Austria is home to some of the most breathtaking snowboarding resorts in Europe. St. Anton takes the lead when it comes to destinations and receives thousands of visitors annually looking to experience new terrains. Its beautiful slopes, including St Christoph, Lech, and Zürs with quality snow, are accessible to riders staying at the resort. Besides, the high-quality slopes, the location is also famous for its nightlife. Whether a pro or beginner, there’s something for snowboarders at different levels at St. Anton all year round.

Laax, Switzerland

High slopes are the norm in Switzerland, with some of the best resorts setting camp in the European destination. Laax is a famous spot for snowboarders of both intermediate and skilled levels. The large resort can accommodate hundreds of people and is well structured, reducing waiting time at various spots. The majority of activities at the resort occur on four interconnected mountains and glaciers that are popular for allowing freestyling snowboarding.