With the contention of the Olympic competition currently in the balance, we’re thankful that the next Winter competition is two years away. Representing your nation as the top in the world is an honor that is bestowed on a few individuals. For the sport of snowboarding, few have risen above the ranks to claim the title of best in sport. Below is a collective featuring the world’s top Olympic snowboarding competitors.

Shaun White

There are limited comparisons to draw in the world of snowboarding when it comes to the achievements of Shaun White. White has claimed gold medals in 3 of the past 4 Olympic competitions. His title claims in 2006, 2010, and 2018 rank his Olympic presence as the pinnacle of the sport. White is continuing to prepare for a title defense in 2022, which will mark over 20 years of Olympic and X-Game competition for the world’s top snowboarder.

Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim turned heads with her rise to fame as a teenager. She claimed impressive runs before competing at the Olympic level, earning top honors in qualifying competitions and other such tournaments. During the 2018 Olympics, Kim posted the best score for halfpipe contention. Chloe was only 17 at the point of victory, representing the youngest gold medal winner in the history of the Winter Olympics. Kim continues to place her best foot forward within the sport and her personal life. Serving as a role model for young competitors across the globe creates a deserved ranking for this young talent.

Redmond Gerard

No one defines the big air competition, quite like the resume submitted by Redmond Gerard. He became one of the first Americans to claim the gold medal at the 2108 Olympics for Slopestyle competition. He continues to make his presence known at the X-Games and Dew Tour, servicing his solidification as one of the leaders in sport. He prepares for a title defense at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Jamie Anderson

No one holds quite the repertoire of skills that Jamie Anderson has submitted for the competition. In terms of Olympic achievement, Anderson has won a medal at two different Olympic games. She claimed gold in the slopestyle competition in 2014 and 2018 and added a silver medal in big air during the 2018 Olympics. Her continuous success is scripted throughout the history of the X-Games, where she owns a majority of the records for women competing in big air and slopestyle competition.

Scott James

Scott James has been crowned as the future of sport for halfpipe competition. The young Australian brought in a bronze medal at his first Olympics in 2018. He continues to place the pressure on halfpipe competitors by coining his own moves and grab combinations. His continued run at the gold will be tested at the 2022 Olympics.