When people think of places to go snowboarding, locales with lots of snow and intense cold climates probably come to mind. Places like the aptly named Snowbird, Vail, Verbier, and Olympic Valley are some of the classic snowboarding destinations.

What about places that aren’t normally known for snowboarding? Places off the beaten path?

Here are just a few unexpected snowboarding destinations:


Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Ever thought about snowboarding on a volcano? Maybe not, but at Mauna Kea it’s possible! Unlike most other places, there are no chairlifts or gondolas and riders take turns escorting their friends up and down the mountain to get some runs in. Worry not since the volcano isn’t active (meaning no lava rocks) and the snow is pretty good. When one thinks of Hawaii surfing the waves comes to mind, here’s a spot to consider for riders in Hawaii of all places.


Tiffindell, South Africa

South Africa is yet another snowboarding destination that comes out of the left field. Tiffindell is the lone ski resort in South Africa built on Ben Macdhui mountain. It offers a combination of natural and artificial snow and plays host to the annual South African ski and snowboarding championships.


Parnassos, Greece

The Mediterranean region is yet another point on the globe that probably doesn’t instantly come to mind when one thinks “snowboarding”, but the Parnassos in central Greece is home to a snowboarding/ski resort. The runs aren’t that challenging and the terrain is flat and basic, but it offers the cool factor of actually snowboarding in Greece!


Ben Lomond, Tasmania

Australia. The land of didgeridoos, kangaroos, and… Snowboarding? The lone ski/snowboarding resort on this island, surrounded by rain forests and accessed by crossing a mountain plateau offers seven lifts and Tasmania’s second-highest peak, the Legges Tor.


Cerro Mirador, Chile

Cerro Mirador carries the title of a southernmost ski resort in the world. In addition to that, riders can spot the sea from its peak, making for an excellent view while catching some runs. It’s excellent view, wind-driven snow, and ease of access make it yet another spot to consider when it comes to unusual places to ride.


There it is, just a few places in the world riders might not consider when thinking of snowboarding. Hopefully, this may open a few eyes and broaden a few horizons. When thinking of unusual places to ride, give these places a try!