Both snowboarding and skiing are great sports to enjoy during the winter months of the year. However, both sports require that people wear the proper layers of clothing during their sessions. The best clothing for snowboarding and skiing will allow a person to remain warm while dispersing sweat from the clothing. Most of a body’s heat is released through either the head or the hands. Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to develop a variety of great gloves for snow enthusiasts. These gloves offer some of the best materials and designs for enjoying a cold day out on the slopes.

Oyuki Chika and Sencho

Oyuki is a Japanese manufacturer that is headquartered in Niseko, Japan. Niseko is known for its large amounts of snow and Oyuki uses that to its advantage when designing new products. The Oyuki Chika and Oyuki Sencho are both mittens that are insulated with PrimaLoft Gold. The Chika and Sencho are essentially the same mitten models, but the Chika is designed for women and the Sencho is designed for men. Both mittens are waterproof, windproof, and work really well under extreme weather conditions.

Hestra Fall Line

Hestra, a Swedish manufacturer, has been developing gloves since their founding in 1936. The Hestra Fall Line gloves offer warmth and flexibility to their users. The warmth in the gloves is provided by a foam insulated layer on the insides of the gloves. The flexibility of the gloves is provided by the combination of polyester and neoprene materials on the exterior of the gloves. The Fall Line gloves work best under moderate weather conditions.

Seirus Heat Touch HellFire

Seirus was one of the first companies to develop heated gloves. The Seirus Heat Touch HellFire mittens are electronically heated to provide riders with as much heat as possible under the coldest of weather conditions. The electronic heater is rechargeable and retains its charge for over 12 hours. The mittens offer three different heat levels and are well-insulated in themselves. Heat from the electronic unit is dispersed through the finger tips and back of the mittens. The mittens are also featured with a removable insert that is both waterproof and breathable. These mittens are excellent for the most extreme of weather conditions.
After reading this blog, hopefully you are more well informed about what gloves will best suit you and your winter sport. Having the proper gloves will keep your hands, safe, warm and dry so you can enjoy snowboarding (or skiing) without the worry.