The snowy hills are calling new riders to try out this fun sport, but every novice should brush up on these essential tips before hitting the slopes.

To get new riders prepared, here’s a special selection of the most important tips and tricks. While some of these tips are designed to make riders feel more confident on their boards, it’s important to keep safety in mind.

Tip #1: Find Balance on the Board

In an interesting article from Snowboard Addiction’s site, new riders are able to learn why finding balance is important for staying upright. This source teaches riders to keep the majority of their body weight over the center of the board.

Tip #2: Skate on the Board

 While riding on the hills, it’s crucial to have both feet strapped to the board. However, there are plenty of places where the ground is flat. In a piece from Snowboarding Profiles, the author explains the importance of learning how to skate well.

 It’s a similar concept to how people ride skateboards. In order to stay on the snowboard, a rider needs to strap their front foot onto the board. Push off the snow with the back foot in order to move along the flat ground at a decent speed.

Tip #3: Learn to Fall

After learning a few excellent tips to impress other riders, it’s important to understand what to do when gravity turns the world upside down. If it’s too challenging to stay upright, there are two options for how to fall onto the ground without getting hurt.

 If riders aren’t aware of the safest ways to fall on the slopes, they could get seriously hurt. Learning to fall with grace will keep new riders from getting injured.


 The first option for falling safely involves rolling forward onto the knees. When the rider is wearing protective gear, the knees are shielded from impact. The snow will absorb some of the impact from falling as well. The second option is for the rider to fall backward onto the rear end. If the fall is inevitable, it’s a good idea to plan to land with ease.