Crossfit is a fantastic way to get into phenomenal shape. It is intense, rigorous, and at the top of the list for high-performance training regimens. Despite the fact that Crossfit has an entry-level for beginners and gym newbies, it is not an exercise system that is right for everyone. To see gains from Crossfit, a person needs to be highly dedicated to training, something that many people do not have time for. Crossfit is also quite expensive when yearly costs are calculated, especially if a person uses a personal Crossfit trainer. Before a person settles on an exercise system such as Crossfit, it is important to do adequate research to find out if it is the right fit, especially if you are an avid snowboarding enthusiast. 

Your Shoulder Health 

Before a person starts doing Crossfit, they need to consider that it is tough on the shoulders due to the kettlebell-based exercises. If a person has stiff shoulders or has suffered past shoulder injuries, the chances are good that Crossfit is not for them.


Most Crossfit routines take an hour to an hour and a half to complete, especially with the pre-workout warm-up factored in. People with a busy life and demanding work schedule will likely discover that Crossfit is far too time-consuming to pull off.


The average Crossfit trainer spends approximately 200 dollars a month to train. This sum covers the gym membership, training lessons, gear, and nutritional supplementation. A large percentage of people will feel that this is far too much money to spend per month exercising.

It’s Faddy

Whether or not Crossfit has any long-term staying power is yet to be known. It is still firmly anchored in the fad phase. The drawback with fad exercise routines is that it is usually discovered later on that they aren’t healthy for you.

Womanly Figure

Crossfit is designed to pack loads of muscle onto a person’s frame, regardless of gender. One complaint that women often voice about Crossfit is losing a bit of their feminine figure after Crossfit training. The exercise program typically leaves women with a muscular build.