The combination of cold temperatures, wind, and sun can cause mass damage to your skin. When snowboarding your skin is vulnerable to harsh elements that may result in sunburn or windburn. Before you “shred the gnar”, make sure you take the proper precautions.

Apply SPF

Many people interchange sunburn and windburn. Although the two are different, they both can be prevented by wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen acts as a lubricant on your face, which helps prevent the wind from penetrating. Combining lotion with sunscreen will help to further increase the moisture in your skin.

At the same time, the SPF helps your skin from receiving burns from the sun. Although temperatures are lower on a snowy mountain, harmful ultraviolet rays can still burn unprotected skin. You should apply sunscreen everywhere that is exposed to the elements, including your eyelids, neck, nose, and ears.

Lather Your Lips

The skin that is on your lips is very thin a vulnerable to harsh elements. Applying a lip balm with SPF will offer similar protection as sunscreen protects your skin. Strong sun has also be known to trigger cold sores, by applying lip balm you can ensure that your lips are safe from harm.

Avoid Deep Cleansing

Before you head to the slopes, avoid shaving or cleaning your face. If you wash your face right before you go out, you skin is at a higher risk of getting windburn. Washing your face strips natural oils and leaves your skin dry. Lock in moisture with lotion and sunscreen and wait to wash your face until after you return indoors.

Cover Up  

As a snowboarder you already know to wear snow pants, a parka, and heavy boots, but don’t forget your other extremities. To prevent both windburn and sunburn, make sure you cover up any exposed skin. From your face, to your neck, to your hands, you will want to cover up. Opt for gloves, a scarf, and maybe even a ski mask.

If you don’t want to cover your face completely, wear goggles. Compared to sunglasses, goggles provide a better option. Unlike sunglasses, goggles prevent the sun from entering on the sides of the face. You can even find goggles that have UV protection.

Keeping these tips in mind on your next snowboarding adventure will help to ensure your skin stay looking soft and healthy rather than dry and flakey.