Although snowboarding is somewhat harder to master initially than skiing, once a person is linking turns, he or she can make transitions with ease to slopes that are steeper and to off-piste flow. In Switzerland, where there are excellent pistes and powder terrain, exhilarating snowboard freeriding and freestyling are very popular. Freeriding involves speed on steep slopes and hard curves, along with jumps on ungroomed slopes on open ground. In contrast, freestyling includes light, flexible and shortboards designed for doing tricks.

Here are a number of the best places for snowboarding in Switzerland:


For freeriding, Verbier has marvelous slopes and highly-rated extreme terrain. With no shortage of terrain, the snowboarder can make fresh tracks. For experienced skiers, there are runs such as the sweeping red [intermediate level] from Col Des Gentianes. Guides who teach lessons are also available.


Nendaz is not as well known as Verbier, but this little neighboring village has an overall rating of 8/10. Skiers can ride the four valleys for much less than at the renowned Verbier. In the valleys at Nendaz, there are 96 lifts and more than 250 miles of slopes. A few lifts or a short drive takes skiers to the highest point, Mont Fort. There, skiers can find many downhill routes.


Another trendy resort, Davos, has slopes that cover six mountains with Jakobshorn being the most enticing for snowboarders. There are also two halfpipes. These are U-shaped runs through which skiers pass, jumping off the sides.


The pistes at Flims are known for their variety and wonderful condition. Although the nearby mountain, Laax, is larger, Flims is not as crowded as its close neighbor. Well-prepared trails lie above Flims, and there is a mixture of these paths, from gentle to fast.

Saas Fee

A good location for people of various abilities, there is a 120-meter superpipe and kickers that are taller than houses, as well as other features for those with different skills. The slopes are satisfactory, and because of the Allalin glacier and the surrounding 4000+meter peaks, there is a cooling effect that allows skiers to come in the latter part of the season. During some years, there is even midsummer snowboarding.