Deciphering how to bring in and retain your current customer base is a task that takes a great deal of insightful research and planning. Segmenting a certain portion of the population in order to target these individuals to purchase a service or product is difficult, especially when there is stark competition in our heavily global market.

Focusing on factors such as media consumption, areas in which your customer base resides, and specific timeframes that engage in market buying, are fundamental pieces of information that will educate you in the process. Conducting a business market analysis with either in-house or external tools will provide the information needed to more effectively augment your client base.

client baseWho they are
One way to better understand your target or current customer base is to be quite detailed in the profile creation process. If some of your customers are willing, you can also ask them to answer some survey questions or quizzes regarding the questions mentioned above.

Although this takes a bit more time, energy and research, you can also create a customized client portfolio of returning or current users at other firms or businesses that complement your own. Once this information is attained, you can further investigate your findings and apply them to upcoming business models. As you should always be improving how you conduct your business on a day to day basis, evaluating this information will be a great help.

What motivates them
The next step in this process is to better understand what exactly motivates your customer base in relation to how their needs are met and what drives them to other external business or firms after the service is complete. To figure out whether or not your customers are coming back, keep the following in mind:

  • Analyzing if there are continuing services for your clients
  • Evaluating your current revenue model
  • How often you are proving an improved or next level service
  • If you have implementing other ways to entice customers

Focus on growth
In our technologically driven work, placing a big emphasis on using friends or family to bring customers in is no longer as effective as it once was say 10, or even 15 years ago. With the constant need of a steady stream of clients, you may want to consider participating in an online digital marketing campaign. This online digital marketing campaign can be focused on social media platforms such as Twitter, or paid advertisements on local businesses’ websites in the area. Also remember to do the following in our competitive market:

  • Highlight what makes your product or service different or unique
  • Capitalize on that unique quality
  • Learning and implementing this unique factor in your specific market/industry