With the fall and winter seasons approaching, snowboarding is going to be back in full swing. As one of the most extreme recreational activities, the fact that it still has a diverse group of people taking part says a lot about how fun it must be. That said, if you’re looking to take your snowboarding experience up a notch, three snowboarding slopes stand out above the rest. So, without further ado, here are three of the most famous snowboarding slopes you have to visit.


#1: Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe brings in a good chunk of visitors year-round because of its beauty alone. There are few places like it. In the wintertime, however, you can imagine how this place sees a nice boost in visitors. This is largely in part because of its snowboarding slopes. Virtually every mountain top of Lake Tahoe gives you an incredible view of the lake as you get to speed down on your snowboard. To make things better, Lake Tahoe has a variety of slopes that accommodate skill levels. In other words, there are slopes for beginners, experts, and everyone else in between.


#2: Streif, Kitzbuhel, Austria

What makes Streif, Kitzbuhel, Austria unique is that it doesn’t sound like your typical place for snowboarding. For most people, Australia is known as more of a hot, desolate, with maybe one or two slope tops if any. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Streif. Once there, snowboarders quickly realize that it’s home to one of the best slopes in the world. Known as the Streif run, this slope provides snowboarders with a two-mile stretch of nothing but fun.


#3: Breckenridge, Colorado

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Breckenridge, Colorado. The entire state of Colorado has quickly gained a reputation for being a hot spot for winter recreational activities like snowboarding. That said, snowboarding, in particular, is arguably the most popular winter activity in the state. When we take a look at its slopes, it’s easy to see why. The base at Breckenridge alone sits at over 9,500 feet giving snowboarders incredible views of the city. On top of that, it’s known for its half-pipes, rails, and jumps that has allowed it to host numerous regional athletic events, the X Games, and even Olympians.