Throughout the winter season, snowboarders and skiers alike continue to look for great places to test their skills. With countless fantastic mountains across the country, it is likely not surprising that they can choose from a variety of options. While we are getting ready to enter the summer season, snowboarders looking for a new destination should consider booking a trip to one of the following locations. 

Fernie, Canada

One of the first places that snowboarders should consider for their next trip is Fernie, Canada. While it is considered one of the most difficult locations for snowboarding in the country, Fernie provides fantastic slopes for the most skilled athletes. Additionally, Fernie is known for its incredible powder, and has a variety of options. Snowboarders who visit Fernie should explore Timber Bowl.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

It may surprise you to learn that a location in Wyoming comes with exciting advanced mountains, but Jackson Hole offers just that. The steep terrain and variety of untracked terrain makes it a great choice for expert snowboarding enthusiasts. Like other advanced mountains, it is not recommended for beginners, as the slopes are known for being challenging. 

Verbier, Switzerland

Anyone who has visited will not be surprised that Verbier, Switzerland is another phenomenal destination for advanced snowboarders. Known as one of the most difficult areas in Europe, Veriber is not for everyone. With that said, it is great for advanced snowboarding enthusiasts who are looking for a new challenge. The most popular locations include the Stairway to Heaven and Hidden Valley.

Whistler, Canada

Another exciting destination for snowboarders in Canada is Whistler, which is known as another one of the most challenging terrains in the country. In addition to providing a wide variety of slopes, Whistler also provides free transportation between mountains, making it easy for enthusiasts to enjoy all that it has to offer. While the slopes in Whistler are not going to be for everyone, it is just another example of great options up North. 

The destinations discussed are meant for advanced, seasoned skiers and snowboarders, and are not recommended for beginners. Outside of the excitement of a new challenge, these destinations offer unmatched views of each mountain.