The first snowboard race was held in 1982 in Suicide Six, located in Vermont. The event’s objective was to keep the participants alive as long as possible. It was the first of its kind and marked the beginning of a new era in racing. The evolution of the sport has been gradual, just like the evolution of Milovich’s idea. It wasn’t until the 1998 Winter Olympics that snowboarding became a mainstream sport. Since then, its popularity has continued to rise. If you’ve not seen professional athletes compete, you won’t understand this sport’s hype. The only way to correctly grasp the excitement of a competition is to watch them perform. To help you in this endeavor, we’ve listed some of the most popular events in professional snowboarding.

Alpine NorAm Cup

The NorAm Cup will hold 26 races in 2007, and the events will be held in various cities across Canada and the United States. In November, the men’s races will be held in Keystone, Colorado. The women’s races will be held in Winter Park, Colorado, in the same month.

The NorAm Cup will also be touring across Canada in 2007. The finals will be held in March in British Columbia. Throughout the tour, fans and snowboarders can visit various cities.

The NorAm Cup is regarded as a starting point for many young riders. It also provides them with a great opportunity to develop their skills.

Chevrolet Revolution Tour

Chevrolet is a major sponsor of the sport. The Chevrolet Revolution Tour will begin in Spirit Mountain, Minnesota, on January 12, 2007. It will then go to various cities in the US, including Copper Mountain in Colorado, Okemo Mountain in Vermont, Mt. Bachelor in Oregon, and Timberline in Oregon. Various events will be held during each stop, such as snowboardcross and halfpipe. A rail jam will also be held at a few of these locations.

The FIS World Cup Circuit

The FIS World Cup circuit is a huge tournament for professional snowboarders. Throughout 2006, fans and riders could visit various countries, such as Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and the Netherlands. In 2007, the circuit will be expanding, including countries such as Russia, Japan, and Quebec. According to Chris Klug, one should check out the World Event Championships in Arosa, Switzerland, between January 13 and 20.

The US Ski Association can help you keep up with the schedule of the FIS by providing you with various resources. One is the Klug’s schedule, which can be found at

The Olympics

The goal of most athletes is to get a gold medal at the Olympics. It’s a culmination of their entire life’s work, and they don’t get paid for participating in professional competitions. However, the commercial connection between the Olympic events and professional competitions could be considered payment.

Currently, the Olympics have six events for snowboarders. These include the men’s halfpipe, the ladies’ halfpipe, the parallel giant slalom, and the snowboard cross and ladies’ snowboard cross.

Race to the Cup Alpine Series

The Race to the Cup series features two Alpine events and a $3,000 prize. The events will be held in various cities in the US. The tour’s first stop will be in Copper Mountain in Colorado on November 20, 2006. The next stop will be in Bromley, Vermont, and the town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The US Open

The US Open snowboarding tournament has been around for over two decades. It’s held every year at the end of the winter, and the winner receives a cash prize of $250,000.

Vans Cup at Northstar Tahoe

The Vans Cup has been held at Lake Tahoe for the last three seasons. During this time, they have various events, such as the Superpipe and the Men’s Rail Jam.

The X Games

The X Games, which ESPN sponsors, is an annual event for extreme sports fans. In addition to various events, they also have a Winter X Games, which was developed to include freestyle snowboarding. The event will be held in Aspen, Colorado, from January 25 to 28. The X Games are for you if you’re a fan of stunts and crazy tricks.