Generally speaking, group lessons are more affordable than private lessons. Group lessons allow you to meet other experienced skiers who are at the same level as you. With private lessons, you can progress at your own pace and with one-on-one support. When choosing snowboarding lessons, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is whether you should choose private lessons or group lessons. Although both types of lessons have their pros and cons, it’s important to consider the various factors that affect your decision when choosing one right for you. For instance, depending on your goals, budget, personality, and athletic ability, one may be better suited for you.

Group Ski and Snowboard Lessons:

Group lessons are typically offered by snowboard and ski schools and are usually conducted with groups of 6 to 10 individuals who are at the same ability level. They will share an instructor for a certain amount of time and start moving together as a group. Depending on the type of lesson that you’re interested in, group lessons are usually conducted in 3 or 4-hour sessions. Full-day groups are also sometimes available, though these are usually for young children or adult camps and courses. Two-hour group lessons are not the norm, though some establishments will allow you to join them for a couple of days at a time.

A private lesson is conducted by an instructor who is solely dedicated to you for a specific amount of time. This type of instruction is typically offered by both formal ski and snowboard schools and freelance instructors. Unlike group lessons, private lessons allow you to focus on one aspect of your chosen sport.

Considerations for Choosing Group or Private Lessons

People who are outgoing and have a good sense of humor are often attracted to group ski lessons. This instruction is excellent for adults as it allows them to meet like-minded individuals who are also passionate about their chosen sport. During group lessons, one of the most common issues the group members will discuss is the same problem they’ve been experiencing on their own. If you prefer to keep to yourself, private lessons are a better option if you’re an introvert. In addition to avoiding small talk, private tuition eliminates the possibility of being grouped with individuals with personalities that conflict with yours.


The best way to improve your technique on a budget is through group lessons. As you split the cost of your sessions with several other individuals, you’ll receive a lot of tuition for your money.

Private lessons are typically more expensive than group lessons due to paying for the instructor’s time. However, this can be lessened by splitting the cost with a group of friends who are at the same level.

Athletic Ability:

If you or your children are very athletic and are eager to improve, private lessons are a better option than group lessons. You’ll be able to keep moving forward and not get held back by the other members of the group. For most people, a short, intensive session with a private instructor can provide them with more effective and efficient training. Although the advantages of private lessons are similar to those of group lessons, the additional practice that group lessons provide is very beneficial.

Trip Duration:

Some schools, such as Adrenaline in Verbier, offer the option of taking 2 or 3 days of group lessons. However, most groups require a minimum of 5 days of commitment. If you’re planning on going skiing over a long weekend, then a private instructor might be able to accommodate you.


In private lessons, the instructor is able to provide you with the necessary attention to address the issues that you’re experiencing. In group lessons, the instructor must divide their attention among the other participants. This means that if you have specific goals in mind, you might not be able to focus on them as effectively. Various camps and courses have been created in the past few years to help individuals with specific goals.

Getting the proper instruction from a certified instructor is very important to improve and stay safe on the slopes. Whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced athlete, having the help of a fully-certified instructor can help you unlock your inner potential.