When you want to start any new hobby, finding a personal instructor is among the first things you should do. This is especially true when taking up snowboarding. A good instructor will teach you how to use the equipment safely and how to take good care of your board. Knowing how to find a good instructor will ensure you get the most out of each lesson.

Ask About Each Instructor’s CASI Certification

Any instructor you’re considering hiring should be CASI certified. This will ensure they have the knowledge and skills needed to teach you safe snowboarding practices. While a level 1 certification is acceptable, your goal should be to look for an instructor with a higher certification. Depending on your location, the highest level an instructor can achieve will be a 3 or 4. A level 3 instructor has proven they have the advanced skills and experience needed to be a good instructor. Level 4 is reserved for extremely advanced snowboarders, so finding an instructor who has attained this level may be difficult.

Choose a CASI Course Evaluator

When it comes to choosing a snowboarding instructor, titles do matter. In addition to looking for an instructor with a higher skill level, you should also look for someone who works as a CASI course evaluator. This is someone who instructs and evaluates other instructors. To step into this position, a snowboarding instructor must have proven skills as a snowboarder and an instructor. The CASI course evaluator will have a good reputation, which they have learned through years of work.

Trust the Instructor’s Reputation

You might find yourself in a location where there aren’t any level 3 or 4 instructors available to teach you. That’s okay. Look for level 1 or 2 instructors with good reputations. A lower level means they simply have less experience than other instructors. You can do a little online research or ask other snowboarders in your community if you’re unsure about hiring a particular instructor.

You should feel comfortable with your snowboarding instructor. If you don’t feel a positive connection with your instructor, you probably won’t get as much out of the lessons. Remember, it’s also okay to look for a different instructor if you don’t feel confident in your current instructor’s abilities.